Laminate and granite are popular choices for countertops.  Offered in a variety of colors and designs, laminate is budget-friendly and easy to maintain making it a good choice for use in a kitchen, home office, or laundry room.

Granite is an excellent alternative to laminate as it is heat and bacteria resistant, which makes granite great in the kitchen and bathroom.

Along with laminate and granite, Waltz offers several additional choices for countertops.  With our variety of choices, we are certain to have the perfect countertop for every budget and every style!


*Budget Friendly
*Easily Maintained
*Wide Variety of Colors
*Many Pattern Options


*Variety of Colors
*Heat Resistant
*Bacteria Resistant
*Scratch Resistant
*Long Lasting

Other Types

*Custom Wood Tops
*Cultured Marble
*Cultured Granite
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