Abril 3°, 2017

Hi, all!

This past week was awesome! On Tuesday we went to the Temple in São Paulo. It’s always a wonderful experience to be able to take some time off from our busy missionary schedule to do some work within the Temple. I intend to make temple attendance an integral part of my week while living in Utah and studying at BYU.


Elder Capello and Elder Tew

Elder Capello and Elder Tew

We worked this week to prepare Graziely for baptism. She and and her sister, Carol, and her mother, Vera, have been accepting the discussions the last two weeks. Carol will be baptized next week, and their mother as soon as she can get some things worked out! They’re an awesome family. They have an older brother that has showed some interest as well. Graziely was baptized in between the General Conference sessions on Sunday. We had a joint baptism with some of the other Elders from our zone that were watching conference in our ward building. It was sweet!


We’ve been teaching a man named Guimarães. He’s a little older and has been very receptive to all that we’ve had to teach. Every time we go to his house he’s felt the Spirit so much that he’s cried, and always wants to hug us as we leave. He’s an awesome person, and has lots of desire to leave behind his sins and follow Christ’s example.

General Conference was wonderful! It’s like Christmas for missionaries. We were able to take a few people to the sessions and they all loved it! We’re blessed to be able to hear the words of the living prophets of God here on the earth today. Although God never changes and His teachings are the same today as they were a thousand years ago, the manner in which we learn them has changed over time. Today we have the privilege of having the fullness of the Gospel on the earth brought to us through restored Priesthood authority.


Throughout my mission I’ve been able to strengthen my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon, and the power of the Priesthood. I’m thankful to have been born to such awesome parents in a home where the Gospel is present. As expressed in one of the conference talks, it is extrememly important that we all gain our own personal testimony of these things, through which we can remain strong even in times of weakness or struggle.

I bear witness that Jesus is The Christ, and that he Atoned for our sins. I know that we are all capable of being forgiven of all of our sins if we show the Lord that we have a broken heart and contrite spirit. There is no hole deep or dark enough that we might have dug for ourselves that we can’t climb back out of with Christ’s help. He loves us and delights in our repentance. In doing so, we are taking part of the blessings offered to us through his atoning sacrifice. I invite all to come unto Christ and partake of the sweet blessings that await us as we follow Him diligently. I leave these things with you all in His name, Amen.

-Élder Chapman Tew