December 12, 2016

Hi All!

Sorry that I’ve been absent for the past couple of weeks. Things got really busy as the transfer neared and my workload increased. The transfer was this past Monday and, after 11 months, I’ve been transferred out of the mission office! My new area is Rio Grande da Serra. It’s on the very edge of mission boundaries. My companion is Elder Macedo, a Brazilian from the city of Belém (Bethlehem), state of Pará. We’ve been working super hard this week and things are going great!

Elder Tew and Elder Macedo waiting on a train.

Elder Tew and Elder Macedo waiting on a train.

We’ve worked with a woman named Marcia all week and baptized her yesterday! Her granddaughter, Bianca (19), was baptized two weeks ago. Márcia is 58 years old and FULL of fire. She kind of reminds me of my Dad…always joking around! Bianca has expressed her desire to serve a mission as soon as possible. They’re both AWESOME and we feel super blessed to have had the opportunity to teach them. Marcia even had a cake made for me on my birthday!


Márcia’s Baptism

This weekend instead of normal church we watched an area-wide broadcast at the Stake Center. Elder Maynes, Elder Holland, Elder Costa, Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, and the other Elder Costa of the Brazil Area Presidency were the speakers. Sister Cordon gave her talk in Portuguese, and Elder Holland tried to speak a little as well. He bore his testimony in Portuguese at the end of his talk. Even through his thick accent I could feel the power in his words as he testified of the truthfulness of the Gospel.

I apologize for how short this is. I’m running out of time today! The internet is super slow and we’ve got to get to our meeting. I promise to write more next week!

Thank you all for your birthday wishes, as well as your love and support. The time is passing by so quickly here. Saturday I’ll only have 7 months left before returning home!

Até logo,
Elder Chapman Tew