May 1°, 2017


This past week has once again passed by in a blur. The days pass by in the blink of an eye. Every time I stop to think, the time I have in Brazil gets shorter and shorter. July 3rd is only two months away! In some emails I’ve exchanged with my other mission colleagues, we’ve all reached the conclusion that time does, indeed, fly.


I had kind of a funny experience at the end of last week that I forgot to write about. After zone conferences, Élder Foote and I had to go with Élder Pulley and Élder Gaona to do baptismal interviews for three young men they were preparing to baptize this last week. We took a bus to get to our area, and then one more bus to get to where these boys live. Right as we got close to their house, we got off the bus and stepped into a light rain. We asked Élder Pulley where these boys lived. And he, in response, pointed towards a large, ominous hill that seemed to lead straight to the sky.

As we started to climb the incline, the light rain began to intensify into an outright downpour. The road we were walking soon turned into a rain gutter as the streams of water along the sides of the road widened until the entire road was covered by one continuous water rapid. Our slow, steady pace quickened until we were in a flat out sprint to the top. Naturally not one of us brought an umbrella, so within seconds we were all soaked! The funniest part is that we were all laughing like a bunch of fools! When we got to the person’s house, we were all dripping wet and tired. However, the work was all worth it! The boys were baptized last week.

I’ve started to take advantage of the variety of fruits that are available here in Brazil. This last week I bought 48 oranges (to make juice), bananas, mangoes, limes, a pineapple, passion fruit, avocadoes, kale, beets, and carrots. I’ve invented a whole variety of juices using different combinations of all of these. My favorites are orange juice with lime and kale as well as passion fruit juice with beets!


We’ve continued to teach Renato throughout these last weeks. He’s proved to be an absolutely wonderful person and a truly golden investigator! He has been marked to be baptized this next week. We hope that everything works out!

We’re also making great progress with Renata. She and her children have been coming to church the past two weeks. She’s shown a lot more interest and desire as of late. We hope to get them all on date here soon.

On Sunday night, we found ourselves with two hours to go until we needed to be home and we hadn’t met our goals for the week for new investigators and investigators with a baptismal date. We went to one of our investigator’s homes to try and find his wife and children who he said would be home and would want to hear our message. We were pleased to find his wife and two sons there all ready and willing to talk with us! Within a few minutes, Jeferson’s wife (Priscilla) transformed from a closed and quiet person into a happy and smiling one as she opened her heart to our words.

We left their house and made our way towards another investigator’s house. One the way there, I felt impressed to knock on the door of an ex-investigator of ours. He was not there, but his mother and sister were. We spent the better part of the next hour talking with them about the church. By the time we left, both of them had a baptismal date marked and were super excited to learn more about Christ’s Restored Gospel. Had we not been determined to meet our goals, we wouldn’t have met all these wonderful people!

I’m loving my mission and the opportunity that I have to serve the Lord at this time! I love you all and thank you for your love and support!

Élder Tew