Free Estimates

At Waltz, we know home improvement projects can be costly, which is why we chose to keep our initial estimates FREE! Follow these simple steps to get started with your project.

  1. Make an appointment with a sales representative.
  2. Meet at job site to discuss scope of work.
  3. Bring any pictures or inspirational ideas.
  4. Receive estimate within 5-7 business days

Fabrication and Installation

Waltz, Inc is a full-service cabinet company, providing both product and installation. All of our custom cabinets are made in Crestview, Florida using quality products from local vendors. Here is what you can expect from our fabrication and installation departements:

  1. Each custom piece meticulously built to exact specifications.
  2. Finishes are thoroughly applied achieving a smooth, uniform look.
  3. Final product is securely packaged to ensure safe delivery to job site.
  4. Cabinets and shelves are installed according to precise measurements ensuring complete satisification.

Custom Capabilities

At Waltz, Inc., our specialty is custom woodworking. Full customization allows for flexibility in creating a room that not only highlights an individual style but employs all usable space in a room creating a unique and highly functional living space. Here are a few of the advantages of custom cabinets:

  1. Cabinet height and depth can be adjusted to fit corners or unsually shaped spaces
  2. Modifications can be made to meet special needs.
  3. Potential "dead space" can be turned into attractive storage areas.
  4. Selection of door styles, wood species and finishes is limitless.

Design Services

If the thought of custom cabinetry is intimidating, Waltz can help you. Below is a sampling of the items our designer is able to do:

  1. Place cabinets and shelves to maximize use of space.
  2. Create additional storage areas eliminating potential "dead space."
  3. Recommend optimal door style and finishes to bring out the best of each room.
  4. Add subtle details or pizzazz that will make your cabinets pop.