Wood Species


  • Soft wood
  • Straight grain
  • Even textured
  • Color ranges from pale yellow to reddish brown
  • Uses: Cabinets, rustic furniture, entry doors, moldings


  • Hard wood
  • Usually straight grain
  • Medium texture
  • Color ranges from lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks
  • Uses: Cabinets, furniture, interior paneling, veneer


  • Hard Wood
  • Straight but may have curly or quilted pattern
  • Fine, even texture
  • Color ranges from nearly white to an off-white cream color; may also have a reddish or golden hue
  • Uses: Cabinets, flooring, veneer, butcher block, cutting boards, speciality wood items

Red Oak

  • Hard Wood
  • Straight grain
  • Coarse, uneven texture
  • Color is a light to medium brown; often with a reddish cast


  • Hard Wood
  • Straight or slightly wavy grain
  • Fine to medium texture
  • Color is a light pinkish brown that darkens to a deeper golden brown over time and with exposure to light
  • Uses: Cabinets, fine furniture flooring, veneer, small speciality wood items


  • Hard Wood
  • Straight or slightly wavy grain
  • Fine even texture
  • Color is a light reddish brown
  • Uses: Cabinets, plywood, boxes, crates, interior trim